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Our Mediation Services and Process

Family Mediation Works is a system designed to achieve a balanced, fair result, according to legal principles.  Our mediators have extensive years of experience in the court system. We employ collaborative law techniques, negotiation skills, and a sense of understanding of the position of family members. We focus on power imbalances that may have occurred in other family situations, or even violence. These are taken into consideration in ensuring that the recommendation as to resolution is a reflection of fairness according to legal principles and the wishes of the parties.

Family Mediation Works will assist each side in choosing and selecting the mediator that would be best for your situation. This will occur after there has been a meeting with each party and a commitment to use Family Mediation Works. 

Mediation may not work in all cases.  If mediation does not work for you, we offer family law and estate litigation services through DeRusha Law Firm. DeRusha Law Firm has four family law lawyers that can assist in divorce, custody, access, support, and division of property, and three lawyers that can assist in estate litigation.

We also offer arbitration services through Arbitration Works.

Family Mediation

The mediation process with respect to family law may involve questions of child custody, child support, spousal support, division of property, equalization, implementation of domestic contracts, and divorce. 

Estate Mediation

Estate mediation concerns may involve wills, powers of attorney, guardians or property, and other legal questions that involve the division of property in estate matters

Civil Mediation

Mediation can be used as a way to resolve civil disputes, even before they go to court.  We bring the parties together to discuss an amicable resolution that is acceptable to both sides. 

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